In September 2004 founders Amy and Alan O’Hara opened their first When The Shoe Fits store in Vancouver Washington.  Having spent their entire careers in the footwear industry, they felt that there was no place that the local community could go to get real expert shoe fitting where pedorthic techniques could be used to modify current in fashion styles and fit the lifestyles of the active woman and man. 

Alan’s experiences as a buyer and a Certified Pedorthist combined with Amy’s business planning skills as a sales manager combined to form a perfect combination that could create something special for the needs of the active person seeking solutions for their footwear needs.

At When the Shoe Fits, we use pedorthics – the design, manufacture, modification and fit of footwear and orthotics – to work with our customers, help alleviate their discomfort and solve their unique foot problems.  All the while we work under the belief that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to achieve comfort.

We feature a broad selection of high-quality comfort footwear from many of the world’s premium comfort brands. Our point of difference is that we can make the shoes work for you.  We have a staff that has been extensively trained in fitting shoes and addressing the specific requirements of particular foot problems. It’s amazing how much better a shoe can feel when it’s insert has been modified to accommodate the needs of a particular foot.  With Certified Pedorthists on staff and being a ABC accredited facilities, we also have the ability to work with your doctors and provide custom foot orthotics that will fill their prescriptions and be eligible as a legitimate medical expense. 

Our goal is simply this. We want to be the best place in the entire Portland and Southwest Washington area for true professional shoe fitting.  We’re committed to the proper pedorthic training of our staff to properly fill any needs you have for your feet.  All of our locations have a clean upscale retail feel yet our promise to the medical community is that we will care for and educate any of their referrals in a responsible and professional manner.  Come get your next pair of shoes from us.