At When the Shoe Fits, we work closely with health professionals to meet their patients’ needs. We encourage each patient’s cooperation in accordance with their doctor’s prescription and offer a wide range of pedorthic shoes to fulfill those needs. We can help correct or accommodate for foot issues, ranging from biomechanical deficiencies, overuse and sports injuries, as well as provide therapeutic footwear for people with diabetes.

Rather than follow in the footsteps of other pedorthic clinics, When The Shoe Fits offers a wide range of fashionable styles that meet or can be modified to fill your medical requirements as well as the patient’s style preferences. Your patients won’t be forced to sacrifice fashion for health.

We offer a fantastic selection of off-the-shelf as well as custom orthotics to address many medical conditions. Our trained salespeople and certified pedorthists will take all the time necessary to fit orthotics to your patient's shoes; we want them to receive the full benefit from their prescribed orthotic and their chosen footwear.

We are careful to honor the relationship between the physician and the patient. Our store is staffed by fitting experts that pay sincere attention to your patient and our customer, by fitting the orthotics that you prescribe into the best possible shoe to meet their needs. We see ourselves as the podiatrist’s “pharmacist.”

Many of our referring doctors prefer to make their own orthotics, and we are happy to work with them in this way as well. We will take care to properly adjust our shoes to any orthotic the patient gives us, and will ensure the best possible fit.

We also can make minor adjustments to a doctor’s orthotics with a written request or by the dispensing doctor.


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