Even people who don't require medical evaluation and treatment can benefit from inserts in their shoes, simply to make the shoes function better. Whether your goal is to improve performance in sporting events or you are compensating for the effects of trauma or disease, orthotics can make your life better.

Modification, Fabrication and Fitting

Shoe modification may be external, internal, or both. External modifications frequently used to stabilize the foot include flares and wedges. Also, ambulation can be improved with various types of rocker soles and elevations. 

Internal modifications are intended to adapt the interior surface of the shoe for the contours of the patient's foot. Because fit is a critical part of pedorthics, special care is taken to ensure that the footwear fits and functions properly, particularly if the prescription includes both an orthotic and a shoe.

Conservative Health Care

The right insole for your individual foot issues make a big difference in shoe comfort..

Especially when undertaken at the onset of a foot condition, orthotics can reduce pain and a later need for hospitalization or surgery. Because orthotics are non-invasive, they are a good alternative that can sometimes prevent surgery and improve the health of your feet and quality of life. In that way, orthotics can truly be cost-effective.

Physicians Recommendations and Prescriptions

Depending on the outcome your physician is trying to achieve, we may provide off the shelf orthotics or build a custom device to help alleviate your foot problems.  Often times we can make your feet much more comfortable and function more efficiently with off the shelf inserts, however a custom orthotic is crafted specifically for each individual situation. When making a custom orthotic, it’s important to get as much information as possible regarding the diagnosis of the problem. 

Custom Orthotic Care

  • Don’t forget to remove the old insole in your shoe before placing the orthotic inside, unless you need to fill more space in the shoe.
  • It takes time for your feet to adapt to a new way of walking. Start with just one hour of wear on the first day, and increase by one-hour increments each day until you can walk comfortably for long periods.
  • Avoid wearing your orthotics while playing sports until you are fully adjusted to them in normal walking and standing situations.

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