When the Shoe Fits is equipped for pedorthics through specialized equipment and tools from Amfit, the world leader in CAD/CAM foot orthotic fabrication systems. One of the key pieces of powerful technology we use is the Footfaxamfit contact digitizer for custom insoles Digitizer. The Footfax is a contact digitizer from Amfit that creates a three dimensional (3D) digital image of the foot.

The Amfit Digitizer is invaluable for use by our Certified Pedorthists in our full-service retail locations. This special technology enables us to create customized insoles to ensure the best possible solution and fit for your feet. From measurement to milling, we design these insoles specifically for your unique feet and use them in the many brands of comfort footwear available in our store.


The Amfit Digitizer:







It gives us the ability to create perfect-fitting foot orthotics for our customers. The Digitizer measures the entire plantar surface of the foot, giving us precise data to make the best foot orthoses.