Arch pain or arch strain refers to a burning sensation located at the arch of the foot, where the tissues in the middle of the foot become inflamed. The most frequent cause of arch pain is a common condition called plantar fasciitis. The arch of the foot is shaped by a firm band of fibrous tissue called the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia joins the heel to the forefoot and plays a vital role in the proper mechanics of the foot.

The inflammation caused by the plantar fascia being stretched away from the heel can causes extreme pain when an individual first gets out of bed or after other periods of prolonged rest.

Arch pain can also result from a foot injury or a structural imbalance of the foot, such as flat feet or low arches as well as a high arch. When the Shoe Fits can help by providing footwear solutions that offer the comfort and support required to treat the feet. (Come in to one of our four locations to get expert help in custom fitting an appropriate pair of comfort shoes.)

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Some of the most common contributors to the development of arch pain include obesity - where added weight causes constant strain and fatigue on the arch membranes; structural imbalances like foot over-pronation, where the feet roll inwards excessively at the ankles; rapid changes in foot activity, such as a sudden increase in exercise; and wearing footwear that does not support the arch of the foot.

Left untreated, continual strain on the longitudinal arch can result in a bony protrusion known as a heel spur. It is imperative to treat this condition promptly.