Post-Tib Tendonitis is a result of excessive strain placed on the posterior tibial tendon, the tendon that runs along the inside of the ankle and foot and up the tibia. This can cause severe pain upon weight bearing, especially while walking or running. When the posterior tibial tendon fails, the arch of the foot is not held up which results in flat feet. Left untreated, this can lead to very serious foot problems and contribute to heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis and/or heel spurs.

Post-Tib Tendonitis occurs when the muscle is overused and the tendon that connects the muscle to your bone is strained. Years of over-pronation or flat feet can also lead to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. If the muscle continues to be overused, damage to the tendon builds up and tendonitis develops. At first the pain or swelling may come and go quickly, but eventually the condition can become a more permanent problem.

Conservative treatments for this condition include wearing a foot orthotic with rear foot posting, longitudinal arch support to help reduce the tension of the tendon as well as help absorb shock.

When the Shoe Fits can work with you and your foot doctor to help find the right shoe and orthotic combination to help reduce strain on the tendon and help prevent further damage.

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