Shin splints, characterized by pain in the front or inside of the lower leg due to overexertion of the muscles, are a common complaint among runners and other athletes. The pain associated with shin splints usually develops gradually without a history of trauma, and may begin as an ache along the front or inside of the shin after running or walking. Shin splints usually involve small tears in the leg muscles. This condition should not be left untreated due to an increased risk of developing stress fractures.

Common causes of shin splints include stressed leg muscles while running, wearing athletic shoes that are worn out or don’t have enough shock absorption, or over-pronation.

The best way to prevent shin splints is to stretch and strengthen the leg muscles, wear footwear with good shock absorption and support as well as avoiding running on hard surfaces.  Insoles or orthotics with good support for over-pronation are also important.

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