Alan OHara

Taos sandals and shoes have always been inspired by the natural beauty and culture of the American Southwest.  Cute versus comfort is a ridiculous choice to have to make. Taos thinks, “Why should women cram their feet into torture chambers that are delicate and strappy with stiletto heels?” Taos footwear is all about comfort and style.  This philosophy is why we’ve added them to our mix.

Taos takes beautiful leathers and rich fabrics, and embellish with tasteful touches of earthy stones, buckles, embroidery and intricate stitching.  The end product is a line of sandals and shoes that are truly comfortable yet fashionably versatile.  Taos wants to be your “Go To” shoe.

In addition to making great shoes, Taos is also striving to be socially conscious.  They believe it’s the little things that make a big difference. This means they recycle at the office. Taos also seeks out materials and manufacturing techniques that leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. Even their shoeboxes are made with recycled stock and soy-based inks.

If you have a Taos story you want to share, we would love to hear it.  We’re thinking you’ll love these shoes!