Alan OHara

At KEEN they create innovative solutions to hybrid footwear.  Keeping in tune with their “Hybrid Life” ideology, they also strive to operate in a socially conscious manner.  Keen designs men’s, women’s, and kids shoes, boots, and sandals, as well as bags and socks that enable you to play anyplace.  Another tagline of theirs is “Recess is Back”. Manny of their fun loving and outdoor inspired styles also have removable inserts so you can use your favorite over the counter insert or custom orthotic and increase the comfort level. This makes a huge difference in reducing foot pain and improving overall foot health.

Since we opened our first comfort shoe store in Vancouver, WA back in 2004, Keen has been an integral part of our success.  The “step in comfort” that these shoes have put’s people at ease when they first put the shoes on their feet.  This is what a shoe should feel like.  The loyalty that is created by providing comfort to someone who has otherwise struggled to make their feet happy is amazing. 

We are proud to carry the largest selection of Keen shoes, sandals, and boots in all of Southwest Washington.  If you haven’t treated your feet to a pair of these you really don’t know what you’re missing. Whether you’re looking for a water sandal, trail runner, waterproof hiking boot, or just a casual sandal or hip street shoe, we have a Keen that will cover your need.  

Also check out our sale page because we still have some of their older Keen shoes on sale on line and in all 3 Vancouver Washington locations.