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Taos sandals and shoes have always been inspired by the natural beauty and culture of the American Southwest.  Cute versus comfort is a ridiculous choice to have to make. Taos thinks, “Why should women cram their feet into torture chambers that are delicate and strappy with stiletto heels?” Taos footwear is all about comfort and style.  This philosophy is why we’ve added them to our mix.

Taos takes beautiful leathers and rich fabrics, and embellish with tasteful touches of earthy stones, buckles, embroidery and intricate stitching.  The end product is a line of sandals and shoes that are truly comfortable yet fashionably versatile.  Taos wants to be your “Go To” shoe.

In addition to making great shoes, Taos is also striving to be socially conscious.  They believe it’s the little things that make a big difference. This means they recycle at the office. Taos also seeks out materials and manufacturing techniques that leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. Even their shoeboxes are made with recycled stock and soy-based inks.

If you have a Taos story you want to share, we would love to hear it.  We’re thinking you’ll love these shoes!



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Alan OHara

At KEEN they create innovative solutions to hybrid footwear.  Keeping in tune with their “Hybrid Life” ideology, they also strive to operate in a socially conscious manner.  Keen designs men’s, women’s, and kids shoes, boots, and sandals, as well as bags and socks that enable you to play anyplace.  Another tagline of theirs is “Recess is Back”. Manny of their fun loving and outdoor inspired styles also have removable inserts so you can use your favorite over the counter insert or custom orthotic and increase the comfort level. This makes a huge difference in reducing foot pain and improving overall foot health.

Since we opened our first comfort shoe store in Vancouver, WA back in 2004, Keen has been an integral part of our success.  The “step in comfort” that these shoes have put’s people at ease when they first put the shoes on their feet.  This is what a shoe should feel like.  The loyalty that is created by providing comfort to someone who has otherwise struggled to make their feet happy is amazing. 

We are proud to carry the largest selection of Keen shoes, sandals, and boots in all of Southwest Washington.  If you haven’t treated your feet to a pair of these you really don’t know what you’re missing. Whether you’re looking for a water sandal, trail runner, waterproof hiking boot, or just a casual sandal or hip street shoe, we have a Keen that will cover your need.  

Also check out our sale page because we still have some of their older Keen shoes on sale on line and in all 3 Vancouver Washington locations.

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New Balance

Alan OHara


New Balance has long been known as one of the best running shoe manufactures in the athletic shoe industry.  They make all types of athletic shoes from  motion control, stability, and support running shoes to neutral cushioning and minimalist shoes for the barefoot running enthusiast.  They also have a full range of trail running, hiking, and walking shoes as well as cross training, basketball and cleats for baseball, soccer and football.  New Balance has been a great resource for us because they stay focused on the needs of quality independent retailers need.  The key for us is having great shoes in stock in sizes and widths and terrific turn around in shipping out re-orders.  They also have remained committed to growing their domestic shoe manufacturing allowing them to stamp a large percentage of shoes as “Made in the USA”.

New Balance started as an arch support company based in Boston in the early 1900's and developed into a specialized athletic shoe manufacturer in the 1970's.  Since then it’s grown to become one of the leading global athletic shoe companies. Today New Balance is an entire family of brands that include Dunham, Aravon, New Balance and more.

Since they began selling arch supports to the people of Boston, New Balance has been a focused on the needs of the everyday athlete. Producing superior footwear and athletic apparel requires attention to fit.  New Balance shoes are made in a staggering range of sizes to fit all foot shapes and widths. This is all because a better fit can produces better performances.

To maintain their reputation as the best fitting, and best performing shoes and apparel, they continue to focus on improving their technology and production methods. New Balance maintains five manufacturing facilities in New England where they rely on the American workforce to produce a large percentage of their athletic footwear.  These core values make New Balance a natural fit for When The Shoe Fits and it’s no wonder they are a big part of our business and success.

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Alan OHara


Naot started out as a small factory in Israel producing work boots back in 1942. Today Naot's products include a mix of shoes, boots, and sandals for men, women and children with anatomically correct insoles that will conform to the shape of the wearer's foot. 

Naot offers a unique combination of comfort shoes that support the foot in a manner that doctors would approve of yet the uppers and detail treatments make the wearer feel current in today’s fashions.  It’s not often that one can find a shoe that addresses the needs for foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, or Achilles tendonitis and still be something you can feel good about going out on the town in.  That’s why Naot and When The Shoe Fits has been such a good match. 

In addition to producing a high quality comfort product, Naot tries to manufacture their shoes in a manner that is as environmentally friendly as possible.  They use vegetable dyed leathers, water based glues and renewable cork and latex rubber in their constructions. 

Pay attention to our Naot page as the styles do change from season to season and new arrivals are always showing up.  Also, check our sale page for Naot shoes on sale that we have discontinued to make room for the new shoes.    

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Alan OHara

Randy Merrell's customers were saying in 1981 that Merrell were the best boots ever made. That was then.  Today Merrell makes much more than boots. Merrell always has made great hiking shoes and boots but now they are also a leader in men’s, women’s and kid’s comfort casual shoes, sandals, dressier boots and more. Many of the styles have removable inserts making them a great choice for custom orthotics and over the counter inserts.

When we opened our Fisher’s Landing shoe store here in Vancouver, WA, we too started out our Merrell offerings with their heritage hiking styles.  This is what we thought was what the Merrell customer was looking for.  Within a short time it became clear we needed to expand our offerings to include a full range of both men’s and women’s Merrell casual shoes, sandals and of course their hiking shoes and boots.  Now they even have gotten into the running shoe and trail running categories with their own versions of the barefoot running and minimalist trail running category.  Today Merrell has become one of our top vendors and a quality brand our customers have grown to love.

Merrell is always looking to improve their offerings and update styles so consequently our inventory selection is always changing.  If you don’t see something you’re looking for, keep checking back to our Merrell page for new merchandise.  Also, keep an eye on our sale page as we often have Merrell shoes on sale that have been discontinued and need to get cleared out.

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Alan OHara


Dansko all started back when the husband and wife team, Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup discovered their perfect barn shoe in a tiny shop in Denmark, they decieded they had to share the shoes with their friends. When they had their friends try them on, they told more friends. Just like that, a shoe company was born.

Today, Dansko is much more than just the original clogs. They are now heels, boots, sandals, wedges and flats. Every style made by Dansko is made with special attention to materials and construction so they may promote good foot, leg and back health.

Dansko has long been a great resource for us in our stores because of the comfort and support they offer to feet while still paying attention to style and fashion.  When a customer comes in looking for a shoe they can where for all day comfort we often end up suggesting a new pair of Dansko clogs, shoes, or boots.  In hospitals and medical offices the “Professional Clog” has long been a shoe of choice because the long hours working on the hard floors of hospital require a shoe that can support the foot in a manner that might prevent excessive stresses to the muscles and tendons in the feet causing foot pain.  Chefs and restaurant workers have also long known the clogs to be excellent shoes to wear for their demanding needs.

If you haven’t ever treated your feet to the comfort a Dansko shoe can offer, you really deserve to see what it’s all about.  Come on into any of our three Vancouver, WA stores and see for yourself why these might just be one of the best all round shoes you’ve ever put on your feet.

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Alan OHara

The Brooks Sports team, pictured here, knows they are the go to company for anything related to running.  Being a leading running company that designs performance men's and women's running shoes, and apparel in over  40 countries around the world, they are dedicated to helping inspire people to run and be more active by creating gear that helps keep them running longer, faster, farther, and happier.

They’re not only dedicated to runners, they are runners. They aren’t just a shoe company or apparel company they are truly a running company. It’s what they do. Their motto “Run Happy” celebrates the spiritual essence that makes running an addictive sport powered motivations that vary as much as its participants. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, fast, or slow.  Someone who calls themselves a runner shares a passion Brooks lives both at work and play.

Brooks is proud of their reputation for engineering shoes that provide the perfect ride for any gait, and the perfect fit for every size and shape of foot.  They have shoes for support, or and for cushion. Their success is relies on getting it right for the runner.

Each and every day they work to ensure that all of their products meet the needs of runners, provide comfort, and help prevent running related injuries. Brooks does this by aligning with universities and some of the top researchers from around the world.

They have created breakthrough advancements in running technology including Brooks DNA, a smart cushioning system that adapts to each runner’s biomechanics, gait, pace and weight; BioMoGo, the world’s first biodegradable midsole for running shoes that biodegrades 50 times faster than other athletic shoe midsoles; Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, the high tech feature that is a made for overpronators; and HPR Green, the long-wearing outsole compound with wet and dry traction in a more environmentally friendly composition.

Brooks continually strives to build great running gear with minimal impact to the earth. Every day they look to make better choices regarding designs, fabric, and processes that help protect the earth without sacrificing performance.

Brooks was founded in 1914 and is located in Bothell, Washington. 

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Alan OHara



At Aravon they know you love wearing shoes. All kinds of shoes… sandals, pumps, loafers, clogs, you name it. They also understand the exact role each pair of shoes plays in a woman's closet and they applaud it.

They appreciate the fact that we all have a million things going on and last thing you need is sore and aching feet.

They study and know the damages that are caused by improper shoes, whether they’ve hurt the foot, a knee, an ankle or just the ego.

They use experienced shoe developers who believe that shoes should support a woman's sense of wellbeing and style as well. That's why they engineer Aravon, footwear to have remarkable comfort, performance, fit and style.

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